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Received my set from Jules.  All I can say is WOW!  Great quality and easy to install.

Christian G.

Thumbs up on Jules's lights - pretty damn amazing and no interest other than being seen at night.

Steve M.

Just got my set from Jules.  They work great!  Just follow the instructions.

Spike J.

Wow.  I just put this product in my 356 and what a wonderful difference.  Thank you Jules.  In addition, shipping was fast and Jules graciously and quickly answered some placement questions.  Very worth the money, IMO, as it feels like a new car.

Charles J.

Got the bulbs from Jules and am very impressed with them - the generator light is nice and bright and you can easily see the turn signal and high beam lights.  Thanks Jules and nice product

Jack W.

My 356 was down with a faulty voltage regulator for a few weeks, so I'm finally back on the road and had a chance to test out the lights. I love all of them, wow, so bright and, overall, the colors are fantastic. The flasher relay works great with the clicking and the gauge & indicator lights are wonderfully bright!

Daniel G.

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