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Installation instructions: Dash LEDs

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

This 'dash set' is custom fit to your 356 and replaces every light bulb in every gauge. The check lights are colored to give the best possible warm and vibrant colors for your upgrade. You can recognize the color LEDs by the color on their tips. (blue for high beam, green for oil pressure, red for generator etc). Make sure to install the correct color in the corresponding check light. These LEDs are non-polarized so they will all work in any location in the gauge.

Before installation, please make sure the dimmer of your light switch is set to max (turn light knob clockwise until to stop). To install, first disconnect the battery, then remove the bulb holders out of the gauges and replace the bulb with the supplied corresponding LED.

Do NOT pull the bulb holder out by the lead as this releases the tension which holds the bulb in place, which could result in the bulb falling into the gauge! Do NOT install the red generator LED if you are running an alternator, as it interferes with the charging system.

Because the combination gauge is physically shallower than the other instruments, it is possible that it is not as brightly illuminated as the other gauges, as the bulb sits closer to the face of the gauge. An easy fix is to pull the bulb holder out of the gauge about ½”. This way, the distance of the LED to the face is increased, thus increasing the light dispersion.

One main difference between LEDs and ‘regular’ light bulbs is that LEDs can’t be dimmed as much as a standard bulb. A 6 volt LED can be dimmed to approximately 4.8 Volts. At lower voltage it will simply not illuminate. A 12 volt LED needs about 9.4 volts to work. None of the check lights are dimmable, so these will always be at full strength under normal circumstances.

Please do NOT use 6 volt LEDs in 12 volt systems as they will overheat within seconds. 12v LEDs in 6v cars will not illuminate.

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