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Installation instructions: 356 exterior set

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

The exterior set consists of 6 LEDs and an electronic flasher relay, custom fit to your 356. They are color LEDs to give the warmest, most vibrant colors even when the lenses are faded. You can identify the LED by the colors of the individual LED chips; just make sure to install the correct color in the corresponding location.

Silver/clear LEDs = red

Amber LEDs = amber

pale yellow LEDs = warm white

US spec car sets have 4 red (rear) and 2 white (front) LEDs. RoW spec cars have 2 red (tail lights) and 4 amber (front and rear turn signals) LEDs.

To install, simply remove the lens and replace the stock bulb with the supplied LEDs.

Since LEDs only use a fraction of the power incandescent lights do, they require an electronic flasher relay. This is located under the dash, just above the hand brake handle (see pictures). Remove the stock flasher and plug in the flasher provided in your set. Attach the black ground wire to a ground nearby.

Please do NOT install 6volt LEDs in cars with a 12volt electrical system, they will overheat.

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